Your question: Whats the NYSE doing today?

What is the New York stock market at today?


Last Chg
NYSE Composite 16327.09 128.53
Barron’s 400 1017.13 7.22
CBOE Volatility 21.30 -1.66
DJIA Futures 34088 -95

How can I buy US stocks?

What are the different ways I can invest in the US stock market?

  1. You can invest directly by opening a US brokerage account. Vested offers a unique platform that caters specifically to investors from India, with no minimum balance and commission-free investing. …
  2. Invest in US focused International Mutual Funds in India.

How does Nasdaq make money?

It is a corporation, and is listed on the NASDAQ as NDAQ. It makes money by: They charge each company to list their stock in their market. They charge for transaction that is taking place on their exchange server.

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