Why can’t I share a post on LinkedIn?

How do I share a post on LinkedIn?

To reshare a post on LinkedIn: Click Share under the post you want to share. In the Share popup, write a comment or use “@” to mention people, companies, or schools. You can also use a hashtag (#).


  1. Tap Share below a post.
  2. Select who you want to share the post with.
  3. Tap Post.

Where is the share button on LinkedIn?

You can post and share content on LinkedIn using the share box at the top of the LinkedIn homepage. Use Start a post from the main share box on the LinkedIn desktop experience to view additional sharing options.

Why is my post not showing on LinkedIn?

However, if you don’t see any activity in the Activity section of a member’s profile, the member may have set their settings to private, or they may not have any recent activity. If you haven’t had any activity on LinkedIn for 90 days, your Activity section will be hidden from your profile.

Can I share a Facebook post to LinkedIn?

Tap the More icon in the top right corner of the post. Tap Share via. Tap Copy from the option menu that slides up. Paste the URL to another site such as Facebook or Twitter.

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What should I say when I share a post on LinkedIn?

When sharing content from others, make sure to add your perspective to start a conversation — ask questions, mention people you want to hear from and use hashtags so others quickly know what you’re talking about and can discover your post.

How do I share a post from LinkedIn Company Page?

Follow the company on LinkedIn. Locate a post from the company in a personal feed or visit the Company LinkedIn Page and scroll to the “Recent Updates” section. Click the “Share” link. Adjust the Post Settings to be public or limited to only your LinkedIn Connections.

Can you prevent someone from seeing your posts on LinkedIn?

Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown. Select Visibility in the left rail. … This option also enables your posts to be shared off of LinkedIn.

Can I post HTML on LinkedIn?

Unfortunately, you can’t use that embed HTML directly on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform. There is no feature for pasting a snippet of HTML into your article.So, how is embedding done?

How do I link Facebook posts to LinkedIn?

Click the “Connect with Facebook” button and a popup will display on the screen. Click the “Log In with Facebook” button on the pop-up. The pop-up will ask for permission to post on your behalf. Click “Allow” and LinkedIn will import your Facebook contacts to LinkedIn.

How do I make my LinkedIn posts private?

You can’t change the visibility option after you’ve shared your post. The visibility options are: Anyone – visible to anyone on or off LinkedIn, including your extended network.

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How do I increase my post visibility on LinkedIn?

For that you can go through the following 10 tips which will help in improving your Linkedin Company page’s visibility drastically:

  1. 1) Have a strong personal Linkedin profile & mention your company page in your posts. …
  2. 2) Invite your connections to follow your company page. …
  3. 3) Use SEO to your advantage.

Why can’t I share my LinkedIn post?

LinkedIn has disabled that option from company pages, so it appears you cannot share a post made by your company page. … If it isn’t there (as LinkedIn does show ‘Top Updates’ by default) click the three dots under the ‘Publish a Post’ link and select ‘Recent Updates’.