What happens when you delete a shared album?

When you unsubscribe from a shared album does it notify the person?

there is no notification sent, but they can tell if they go look. Note the little X to the left of the subscriber who unsubscribed. When you right click on them, you can re-invite or remove them.

Does deleting photos Delete from shared album?

Removing photos from your Camera Roll will not remove them from Shared Albums. It will, however, remove them from iCloud Photo Library, both in iCloud itself and all of your devices.

What happens when you delete a shared album in Google Photos?

Google Photos allows you to create a shared album, download it and delete it. … When you delete your shared album, it permanently removes any photos added by others and also stops others from accessing your photos. But, you own photos and videos remain safe in your library.

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Can you delete a shared album on Iphone?

You cannot delete an album shared by someone else. You can only delete any photos you added to the shared album, but not photos shared by others. But you can unsubscribe from the shared album. Then it will be removed from your devices, but remain on the devices of other subscribers.

How do I unsubscribe from a shared album?

When you leave an album, your photos and comments will be removed.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app .
  2. At the bottom, tap Sharing .
  3. Open an album.
  4. Tap More Options. Leave album.

Can you recover a deleted shared album?

After you confirm deleting a shared album, you cannot restore it. All your original media remains in place, so there’s no worry about losing images or videos, but comments and other metadata added to the shared library is lost. … Create a regular album and then copy all the images and videos from it to a shared library.

Can you delete photos but keep in album?

To remove a photo from Recents you have to delete it from the library and then it will vanish from all your albums as well. To find all photos, that are not yet in an album create a smart album: File > New Smart Album. Set the rule to “Album is not any”.

Do shared photo albums take up space?

No, albums shared with you do not use your storage, but the storage of the owner. When you want to clear storage used by Google Photos you have two options: Delete stuff.

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Do shared photo albums take up space on my iPhone?

Shared albums do not take up space on your iPhone. If you have iCloud Photos enabled, you have the option to optimize the storage on your iPhone to free up space on the device.

How do I delete shared photos?

To stop sharing an album, remove all album members and turn off link sharing. Learn how shared album controls give your photos more privacy.

Remove someone from an album

  1. Open the desired album.
  2. Click More. Options.
  3. Scroll to find the contact you’d like to have removed.
  4. Click More. Remove person.

How can you tell if someone blocked you on Google Photos?

Welcome to the Google Photos Help Community. Just wanted to let you know that what happens when you block someone: You won’t be able to see each others photos, videos, or comments in Google Photos. If they have a link to your album, they may be able to see it if they’re signed out.

Can shared Google photos be deleted?

You cant be able to delete photos in an album someone shared with you. You can only delete photos from an album which is your own and you can only remove photos from a shared album in which you contributed your own photos to.

How do I remove someone from my iCloud shared album?

1 Answer

  1. Open the Photos App.
  2. Go to the “Shared” tab.
  3. Select the album you’d like to modify.
  4. Click on the circle with a face inside icon on the top left of the app, a menu will appear.
  5. Select the person you’d like to remove from the album, and click on the arrow right next to their name.
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Do shared albums count against iCloud storage?

Photos uploaded to My Photo Stream or Shared Albums don’t count against your iCloud storage. iCloud stores the photos that you upload to My Photo Stream for 30 days to give your devices plenty of time to connect to iCloud and download them.