How do I know if my shares are transferred to IEPF?

What happens to shares transferred to IEPF?

Any person, whose unclaimed or unpaid amount has been transferred by the company to IEPF may claim their refunds to the IEPF authority. For claiming such amount, claimant needs to file form IEPF-5 alongwith requisite documents.

How do I get my shares back from IEPF?

The IEPF Authority shall decide to pay the unclaimed dividend amount and transfer the shares back to the credit of your account based on the verification report submitted by the Company. The IEPF Rules and the Form IEPF-5 are available on the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs at

Why are shares transferred to IEPF Authority?

Section 124(6) of the Companies Act, 2013 (Act) provides that all shares in respect of which dividend has not been paid or claimed for 7 consecutive years or more shall be transferred to IEPF.

How do I claim shares from a suspense account?

Submit indemnity bond in original, copy of acknowledgement and self- attested copy of e-form along with the other documents as mentioned in the Form IEPF-5 to Nodal Officer (IEPF) of the Company at its registered office in an envelope marked “Claim for refund from IEPF Authority”.

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Can we claim shares from IEPF?

Yes, any claimant of shares transferred to IEPF shall be entitled to claim the transfer of shares from Investor Education and Protection Fund in accordance with such procedure and on submission of such documents as discussed below.

How do I claim unclaimed dividends after 7 years?

1. As per Section 125(2)(c) of the Companies Act, 2013 any dividend amounts, which remains unpaid or unclaimed for a period of 7 years from the date they became due for payment, shall be finally transferred by the company to the IEPF.

How long does it take to get IEPF shares back?

As per the current process, the company has to send the verification report regarding the claim to the IEPF Authority within 15 days. After getting the claim verified, the authority has to sanction refund through e-payment within 60 days.

Can shares be refunded?

No, Share holder do not have the rights to ask for refund and dividend. Only shares can be traded and sold.

How long does it take to get an IEPF stock?

If the correct form is submitted along with all the documents than it generally takes 3 Months to 12 Months time to get IEPF claim settled.

How do I transfer money to IEPF?

1. Any person, whose shares, unclaimed dividend has been transferred to the Fund, may claim the shares from the Authority by making an application in Form IEPF 5 online available on website along with the fee, as decided by the Authority from time to time in consultation with the Central Government. 2.

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How do I find out if I own shares in a company?

The best place to start is to check with the share registrar – the organisation that maintains the list of shareholders in a particular company – that is named on the certificate. There are three main registrars in the UK – Capita, Lloyds TSB and Computershare.

What is Iepf account?

Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) is for promotion of investors’ awareness and protection of the interests of investors. This website is an information providing platform to promote awareness, and it does not offer any investment advice or evaluation.

How do I find unclaimed dividends?

Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) Authority of Ministry Of Corporate Affairs, Government Of India has given the procedure to claim unclaimed dividend after seven years. Toll Free No.:1800-114, Email:, Website: 1.

What is demat suspense account?

The demat suspense account or unclaimed suspense account, as applicable shall be held by the listed entity purely on behalf of the allottees who are entitled to the shares and the shares held in such suspense account shall not be transferred in any manner whatsoever except for the purpose of allotting the shares to the …