Your question: Should I invest in multicap funds?

Is it safe to invest in focused funds?

Focused funds work well for investors who are willing to take the risk of investing in select stocks for a chance to earn high returns. If you don’t have the appetite for market volatility, these funds may not be suitable for you.

Is it safe to invest in midcap fund?

Risks of Investing in Midcap Funds

Being emerging companies, midcap companies carry higher risk than their large cap counterparts. Midcap companies also have lower capacity to deal with changing business cycles and more prone to price volatility. Hence, midcap funds too are relatively more volatile in the short-term.

Which is best multicap fund?

A multicap mutual fund is an open-ended equity scheme investing across large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks.

Best Performing Multicap Funds to Invest in 2021.

Fund Name 3 Year Returns
PGIM India Flexi Cap Fund 17.60%
Principal Focused Multicap Fund 14.20%
Axis Flexi Cap Fund 13.70%
SBI Focused Equity Fund 12.10%
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What is Blue Chip fund?

Blue chip funds are equity mutual funds that invest in stocks of companies with large market capitalisation. These are well-established companies with a track record of performance over some time. … Blue Chip is commonly used as a synonym for large cap funds.

Is it right time to invest in midcap fund?

Given that the market volatility could intensify in the near future, avoid investing in mid-cap funds and small-cap funds with a short term view. Invest only if you have a long term investment horizon of at least 5-7 years. Devise a strategy and take exposure sensibly depending on your risk profile and financial goals.

How much should I invest in mid-cap fund?

Mid cap mutual funds invest in companies with a market capitalization in between Rs. 500 crores to Rs. 10,000 crores. The size of the company will have an impact on the returns as well as the risks involved.

Is it wise to invest in small-cap fund?

According to SEBI, small-cap funds should invest at least 65% of their assets in small-cap companies. Small-cap companies are in their nascent stages of growth and have a long way to go before they deliver growth consistently. Small-cap funds can perform exceptionally well during a bullish market phase.

Which SIP is best for 5 years?

Best SIP Plans for 5 Years in Equity Funds

  • Axis Bluechip Fund Monthly SIP Plan. This is an open-ended equity scheme with a track record of outperformance. …
  • ICICI Prudential Blue chip Fund. …
  • SBI Blue chip Fund. …
  • Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund. …
  • SBI Multicap Fund.
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Which Flexicap fund is best?

Bajaj Finance Ltd., HDFC Bank Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd., Housing Development Finance Corpn. Ltd., and Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. are the fund’s five best holdings. As of September 21, 2021, the fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV) is Rs 277.01 and its Asset Under Management (AUM) is Rs 22,591.88 Cr.

Is Axis multicap fund good?

Axis Multicap is indeed an inviting prospect. A good fund manager with an impressive dossier, a low expense ratio for the direct plan (although possibly temporary) and good performance in its short history. The main problem is the possibility of rapid AUM growth thanks to banking channels.

Which SIP is best for 20 years?

Best SIP Plans for 10, 20 Year Investment in FY 21 – 22

  • ICICI Prudential Technology Fund. To generate long-term capital appreciation for you from a portfolio made up predominantly of equity and equity-related securities of technology intensive companies. …
  • TATA Digital India Fund. …
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Digital India Fund.

Which Blue Chip Fund is best?

6 Best Bluechip Mutual Funds SIPs To Invest in 2021

Fund Name 1 Year 3 Years
Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund 52.07% 22.09%
Axis Bluechip Fund 51.41% 21.11%
SBI Bluechip Direct 54.89% 17.55%
Kotak Bluechip Fund Direct 54.68% 19.41%

Is it good to invest in Axis Blue Chip Fund?

Axis Bluechip Fund has been a good investment option for its investors over years. … However, Axis Bluechip Fund has performed well across different market cycles over the period of 10 years and one should not judge the fund on the basis of near-term under-performance.

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