Your question: Does AustralianSuper invest in fossil fuels?

Does AustralianSuper invest in coal?

The country’s largest superannuation fund has dumped its holding in Whitehaven Coal as it ramps up its climate policy to include a net zero emissions by 2050 target. … “As a result, currently AustralianSuper does not have any active investment in thermal coal companies.”

Does AustralianSuper invest in renewable energy?

AustralianSuper currently invests in a range of renewable energy projects across markets. We plan to have investments of over $1 billion in the sector by the end of 2022. We expect this allocation to increase over time.

Is AustralianSuper ethical?

While Australian Super does offer one dedicated ethical investment option (AustralianSuper Socially Aware), Australian Ethical Super is an ethical fund in its entirety. … However, the AustralianSuper Socially Aware investment option does charge lower fees than Australian Ethical Super.

What super funds dont invest in fossil fuels?

This means 8 of the largest 40 super funds – Aware Super, Hesta, UniSuper, Suncorp, NGS Super, Vision Super, Local Government Super, and Media Super – now exclude these thermal coal miners.

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Is AustralianSuper a good fund?

AustralianSuper has been named as one of the best performing super funds by leading independent agency SuperRatings for both superannuation and account-based pension members.

Does aware super invest in coal?

From 1 October 2020 Aware Super will exclude thermal coal

This means no new investments in this sector across our entire investment portfolio, marking an important first step in our ongoing response to climate change, and preparing our investment portfolio to transition to a low-carbon future.

What is the most ethical super fund?

Some of the funds that claim to be either fully ethical, or at least offer ethical or sustainable investment options, include:

  • Christian Super.
  • Future Super.
  • Local Government Super.
  • Equip Superannuation Fund.
  • Funds SA.
  • UniSuper.
  • Sunsuper.
  • Australian Super.

Who owns Verve super?

Christina Hobbs, co-founder and CEO of Verve Super, raised funds while pregnant with her first child. The fund’s aim is to address the 35 per cent gap in retirement savings for women by building wealth through superannuation invested ethically.

What are ESG credentials?

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is an evaluation of a firm’s collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors.

What is the most ethical super fund in Australia?

Ethical super investment funds

  • AustralianSuper: Socially Aware investment fund.
  • HESTA: Eco Pool investment fund.
  • Australian Ethical: Balanced investment fund.
  • Future Super: Renewables Plus Growth investment fund.
  • Christian Super: MyEthical super investment fund.
  • Active Super: MySuper investment fund.

Is hostplus ethical?

Does the super fund offer responsible / ethical options? Hostplus offers 1 ‘Socially Responsible’ option. … Please note that every fund has a different investment approach, strategies and risk level. We encourage you to do your own comparison and review the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

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How ethical is aware super?

As stewards of our members’ retirement savings, we have a duty to act in their best interests and to protect and grow the real value of their assets in a sustainable way. … Aware Super is a signatory to the Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code (the Code).

Does student super invest in fossil fuels?

Super done differently. The super industry’s purpose is to invest and grow Australia’s retirement savings. But super funds have consistently invested money in harmful industries like fossil fuels that have set us on a path towards climate change.

Does BT Super invest in fossil fuels?

This option has no explicit fossil fuel exclusions, so is likely to be invested in many coal, oil and gas companies.

Does Qsuper invest in fossil fuels?

Putting members in control

This informed the development of our option. The Socially Responsible option invests in assets such as clean energy, health care and education, and has minimal or no exposure to assets that have negative environmental or social impacts such as fossil fuels, gambling or adult entertainment.