Your question: Do Telstra shareholders get discounts?

How much dividend does Telstra pay per share?

The board of Telstra Corporation Limited (ASX:TLS) has announced that it will pay a dividend on the 23rd of September, with investors receiving AU$0.08 per share. Based on this payment, the dividend yield will be 4.1%, which is fairly typical for the industry.

Is it good to buy Telstra shares?

The good news is that despite Telstra’s shares smashing the market this year, the forecast yield on offer is still very attractive. … Its analysts have pencilled in a fully franked 18 cents per share dividend that year. Based on where its shares are trading today, this implies a 4.75% dividend yield for investors.

How do I sell my Telstra shares without a broker?

If you wish to sell your shares (and you do not have a broker) you can go through Link Market Services (Telstra’s share registry). Link offer a share sale facility to issuer sponsored shareholders (denoted by a Security Reference Number or SRN) who want to sell their entire shareholding.

Will Telstra pay a dividend?

The dividend has a record date of August 26 and payment date of September 23, with the on-market buy-back likely to start in mid-September. All in all, Telstra will pay out $2.3 billion.

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What dividend does Woolworths pay?


EX Date Record Date Cents Per Share
04/03/2020 05/03/2020 46c
03/09/2019 04/09/2019 57c
28/02/2019 01/03/2019 45c
13/09/2018 14/09/2018 10c (special)

Is Telstra a good long term investment?

Telstra (TLS. ASX), has delivered excellent returns for investors over the past decade, averaging 4.11% yearly returns (including dividends). … 67% of Telstra earnings are paid out to investors as dividends. Prophet believes this is a reasonable and sustainable level for the company at the present time.

What price did Telstra float at?

Share price development

In November 1997, the Australian government sold the first tranche of its Telstra shares, 4.29 Billion shares, publicly at a price of $3.40 per share to institutional investors and $3.30 to retail investors.

How do I find out about my Telstra shares?

You can see Telstra’s share price on the ASX website

Can I sell my shares without a broker?

So yes, you do need a broker to sell shares in Australia, but not in the traditional way you expect. … Via our online form, you will be prompted to provide details about the shares you hold using the information listed on your holding statement or dividend statement.