You asked: What is shareholder pattern?

What does shareholding pattern mean?

Shareholding pattern refers to the division of shares that haven’t been put on the stock market between various individuals and institutions.

What is a good shareholding pattern?

A diversified holding is thus considered good for investors. A moderate to high stake of Foreign Institutional Investors in a company’s shareholding structure fosters optimism among investors regarding its future growth prospects.

What is ownership pattern of a company?

The ownership pattern of corporate enterprises can be broadly of three types: (i) Widely dispersed, ownership particularly amongst large number of individual shareholders; (ii) Promotors’ dominated shareholding pattern where promoters may be owning 30% to 80% or more vis-a-vis individual shareholders who own less then …

Who are zomato shareholders?

The Shareholding Pattern page of Zomato Ltd. presents the Promoter’s holding, FII’s holding, DII’s Holding, and Share holding by general public etc.


Shareholding Pattern – Zomato Ltd.
ForeignInstitutions 691037223 8.81%
NBanksMutualFunds 235874348 3.01%
Others 5896782009 75.16%
GeneralPublic 667652048 8.51%

What is meant by preference share?

Preference shares, more commonly referred to as preferred stock, are shares of a company’s stock with dividends that are paid out to shareholders before common stock dividends are issued. … Preferred stock shareholders also typically do not hold any voting rights, but common shareholders usually do.

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What is current market value?

Within finance, the current market value (CMV) is the approximate current resale value for a financial instrument. … The current market value is usually taken as the closing price for listed securities or the bid price offered for over-the-counter (OTC) securities.

In which form shareholding pattern of the company is required to be given?

The Share Holding Pattern (SHP) is an official disclosure (document) about the ownership of the company. The SHP will be disclosed every quarter to the stock exchanges. Every listed companies in India is required to disclose their shareholding patterns to the stock exchanges.

How do I find shareholder name?

There is another simple way to view the list of shareholders of the company in the MCA website, which is as follows: Visit the site : and click on the icon ‘MCA 21’ Login by clicking the login option on right side of the page.

What is promoter ownership?

What is promoter holding? Promoter holding signifies a percentage of the ownership in equity capital held by the promoters of a company. As promoters & promoter groups are entities that have a significant influence on a company, the changes in their holding are paramount and insightful to retail investors.