Why Majesco is giving huge dividend?

Is it good to buy Majesco share for dividend?

Majesco has also launched a Rs 631 crore buyback program to return value to its shareholders. This is good news for existing investors but new investors should be wary of buying Majesco shares. … After the dividend payout, the company will only have Rs 103 crore as cash and real estate of Rs 70 crore.

Is it worth buying Majesco shares?

What is Majesco worth? Good news, investors! Majesco is still a bargain right now according to my price multiple model, which compares the company’s price-to-earnings ratio to the industry average. … Majesco’s share price also seems relatively stable compared to the rest of the market, as indicated by its low beta.

Why do large dividends increase?

Companies that increase their dividends send a positive signal to investors and analysts that the company can maintain growth and profitability into the future. 1 As a way to distribute profits to shareholders, dividend increases can attract new investors who seek income in addition to capital gains in their portfolio.

Who will get dividend of Majesco?

The board of directors of Majesco, at its meeting held on December 15, 2020, had approved an interim dividend of Rs 974 (19,480 per cent) per equity share of face value of Rs 5 each for the financial year 2020-2021.

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Is Majesco closing business?

In conjunction with the closing, Majesco’s common stock will cease trading before the market opens on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 and the Company will no longer be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Majesco will operate as a privately-held company.

Which share is best to buy?

Stocks to Buy Today: Best Shares to Buy in India

Name LTP Low
HDFC Bank 1,602.65 1,600
H D F C 2,720.65 2,716
Bajaj Auto 3,815.55 3,806
Axis Bank 781.95 776

Which company pays highest dividend?

List of highest dividend paying stocks in India:

Company Dividend Per Share (Last 5Yr Avg.) Dividend Yield (Last 5yr Avg.) %
ONGC 7.23 3.97%
BPCL 19.19 3.89%
Hindustan Zinc 10.92 3.53%
Infosys 32.69 3.44%

Which stock has the highest dividend?

Dividend Aristocrat Companies With the Highest Dividends

Company Dividend yield
AT&T (T) 6.93%
T Rowe Price (TROW) 6.15%
ExxonMobil (XOM) 5.80%
Chevron (CVX) 5.05%

How much dividend is Majesco giving?

Majesco on Tuesday announced that its board has approved payment of an interim dividend of Rs 974 per equity share for the financial year 2020-21. The smallcap insurance technology firm has fixed December 25 as record date.

What is the dividend declared by Majesco?


Dividends Declared
11/12/2020 23/12/2020 Rs.974.0000 per share(19480%)Interim Dividend
09/03/2020 23/03/2020 Rs.2.0000 per share(40%)Interim Dividend
15/05/2019 30/07/2019 Rs.1.5000 per share(30%)Final Dividend
03/08/2017 16/08/2017 Rs.1.0000 per share(20%)Special Dividend

Who will get Coal India dividend?

The total interim dividend for FY21 is Rs 12.5 per share and the final dividend could be Rs 2-2.5 per share to make the final total dividend not less than Rs 15 per share, sources indicated. The government will be the largest beneficiary of the dividend as its shareholding stands at 66.13 per cent.

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