Who is Warren Buffett’s best friend?

Are Gates and Buffett still friends?

He’s one of the Gates Foundation’s three board members, alongside Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates, who announced last month they’re splitting after 27 years of marriage. … Buffett and Bill Gates have been longtime friends.

How did Warren Buffett make his money?

Warren Buffett made his first million by running a hedge fund. Then he switched to owning small banks. Then finally he shut down his hedge fund and put all his money into running an insurance company. An insurance company is a hedge fund that KEEPS the investors money and KEEPS 100% of the profits.

Why did Buffet dump Costco?

The pandemic pushed Costco to record highs, as it served panic shopping and changing consumer shopping habits. As lockdowns dragged on much longer than expected at first, the company’s share prices slid by year end. Buffett sold Costco at its November height, just before it paid its special dividend.

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