What is transfer agency in investment banking?

What does a transfer agency do?

Transfer agents are responsible for issuing and cancelling stock certificates as shares are bought and sold, for replacing lost documents and for distributing cash and stock dividend payments to shareholders. … The stock transfer agent also keeps records of how many shares or bonds each investor owns.

What is the difference between a transfer agent and a registrar?

A transfer agent’s principal functions are to issue and cancel certificates to reflect changes in ownership of the securities of an entity and to act as an intermediary for the company. A registrar’s function is to maintain the register of the issuer for each issue of securities.

Is a transfer agent required?

For private companies, all the basic functions of a transfer agent are needed—maintaining the official record of ownership, issuing stock certificates, cancelling stock certificates, exchanging or converting securities, and managing distributions to stockholders—but it’s not required that they be performed by a …

What is a registered transfer agent?

A registered transfer agent is a transfer agent that has registered with the SEC or, in the case of banks serving as transfer agents, with an applicable Federal bank regulatory agency. Whether a transfer agent must register depends on whether the transfer agent transfers Section 12 Securities.

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Who are the largest transfer agents?

First of all, as stated above, Computershare is the largest stock transfer agent in the world, serving approximately 13,000 corporations and 120 million registered shareholders in 20 countries.

Who are the biggest transfer agents?

Melbourne Australia-based Computershare Limited (ASX: CPU) “the world’s largest transfer agent” – and the number-two US agent by a fairly big margin – signed a definitive agreement in April to acquire the BNY Mellon Shareowner Services business – a move that will affect more than 950 US issuers and roughly 200 …

How do I find a stock transfer agent?

Most issuers identify their transfer agent on their company website under the “Investor Relations” tab. You may need to contact the company directly to obtain the transfer agent’s name and contact information.

How much does a transfer agent cost?

Transfer Agent Fees To Issue Registered Stock Certificate

Company Symbol Transfer Agent Fee
Alibaba Group BABA $25
Alphabet GOOGL $0
Amazon AMZN $25

What is the role of R and T agent?

An R&T agent is an intermediary who takes care of the back-end processes of a mutual fund, processing all financial and nonfinancial transactions. Who is an R&T agent? An R&T agent maintains records of every mutual fund transaction on behalf of the fund house, through his network of offices across the country.

Is transfer agent a broker?

Transfer agents maintain a record of ownership, including contact information, of an issuer’s registered shareholders. Brokers maintain the records of beneficial shareholders. … A transfer agents also acts as a registrar, to help ensure that the corporation does not issue more shares of stock than have been authorized.

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Is Carta a transfer agent?

Carta is an SEC-registered transfer agent that helps companies issue, value and transfer securities.

Is transfer agent the same as custodian?

For this reason the transfer agent and the custodian need to be the same entity for an ETF, but for most mutual funds the custodian and transfer agent are different entities.

How do I contact a transfer agent?


  1. U.S. and Canada toll-free: 1-888-201-5538.
  2. International callers: 1-201-680-6578.
  3. TDD for hearing impaired (US and Canada): 1-800-490-1493.
  4. TDD for hearing impaired (International): 1-201-680-6610.

Who keeps records of stock ownership?

Transfer agents keep records of who owns a company’s stocks and bonds and how those stocks and bonds are held—whether by the owner in certificate form, by the company in book-entry form, or by the investor’s brokerage firm in street name. They also keep records of how many shares or bonds each investor owns.