What is a Ucits investment firm?

What is UCITS management company?

A UCITS Management Company is a company authorised under the European Communities (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) Regulations 2011, (“the Regulations”) to engage in the management of UCITS and other collective investment schemes in the form of either unit trusts, common contractual …

What is a UCITS fund?

UCITS are investment funds, regulated at a European Union (EU) level. In creating a set of common rules and regulations it allows such funds: to seek a single authorisation in one EU member state, and. to register for sale and market across EU member states.

How does a UCITS fund work?

UCITS is a financial vehicle that allows a group of investors to invest their money under a predetermined investment objective. The UCITS have a fund manager, who is responsible for investing money in the underlying securities. By investing in a UCITS, essentially, the investor buys units and becomes a unitholder.

What is an Irish UCITS?

UCITS are open-ended investment funds and may be established as: Unit trusts; Common contractual funds; Variable or fixed capital companies; or. Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicles (ICAVs).

Is a Ucits a company?

UCITS Management Companies as a Fund provider

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A UCITS Management Company is a company whose regular business is collective portfolio management of UCITS funds.

What does a Ucits ManCo do?

What are UCITS? The UCITS regulatory framework creates a harmonised regime for the sale and distribution of mutual funds in the EU. A UCITS fund can be sold across borders within the European Economic Area based on its authorisation in one member state.

Who can invest in a UCITS fund?

7 Many mutual fund providers use an expression such as “UCITS-compliant” as part of their marketing strategy. While the funds are regulated in Europe, buyers from all over the world can invest in UCITS funds.

What can a UCITS invest in?

UCITS can invest in money market instruments admitted to trading/dealt in on a regulated market and in money market instruments which are not admitted to or dealt in on a regulated market.

How much cash can a UCITS hold?

A UCITS cannot own in excess of 25% of the shares or units of another single fund (applied at sub-fund level). * For umbrella funds, this limit is applied at the sub- fund level i.e. a UCITS can invest up to 20% in each sub-fund.

How do I purchase a UCITS fund?

You can purchase UCITS funds through a U.S.-based fund manager. That said, only an authorized EU-based management company can oversee that fund. So a U.S. fund manager either must set up such a company or partner with one.

What is the difference between UCITS and Aifmd?

The key difference between the two texts is that UCITS requires a “risk management process” that “enables it to monitor, measure at any time” whereas the AIFMD legislation require “risk management systems” that will be used “in order to identify, measure, manage and monitor all risks … to which each AIF is or may be …

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Are UCITS open-ended?

The key common aspects of UCITS funds are that they must be open-ended and liquid. The flexibility of UCITS is evident in that they may be set up as a single fund or as an umbrella fund that is comprised of several ring-fenced sub-funds, each with a different investment objective and policy.

What is the meaning of AIF?

Alternative Investment Fund or AIF means any fund established or incorporated in India which is a privately pooled investment vehicle which collects funds from sophisticated investors, whether Indian or foreign, for investing it in accordance with a defined investment policy for the benefit of its investors.


UCITS is a set of voluntary rules which many ETFs follow. ETFs which are UCITS compliant must follow minimum standards – that includes holding a diversified portfolio, publishing clear guidance on their charges and taking steps to safeguard investors’ money.

Are UCITS listed?

23,434 share classes have been listed at LuxSE since 1962, making our exchange one of the most experienced in this area. Listing a UCITS offers numerous benefits. Asset managers have greater scope to market their securities. They also have access to a secondary market for funds through our OPTIQ trading platform.