Frequent question: What did Warren Buffett pay for Suncor?

Is Warren Buffett invested in Suncor?

Warren Buffett has made his portfolio completely free of Canadian stocks. His recent exit from Suncor (TSX:SU)(NYSE:SU) marks the last of his Canadian holdings. The move hasn’t been devastating for the stock yet.

How much did Warren Buffett pay for JP Morgan?

Buffett and his team didn’t touch the position for the next nine months. The investment cost it about $6.6 billion, gave it 1.9% ownership of JPMorgan, and was worth $8.4 billion at the end of December 2019, the Berkshire chief said in his 2019 letter to shareholders. It’s been a totally different story this year.

Is Suncor going broke?

Based on the latest financial disclosure, SUNCOR ENERGY INC has a Probability Of Bankruptcy of 44.0%. This is 8.75% lower than that of the Energy sector and 2.06% higher than that of the Oil & Gas Integrated industry. The probability of bankruptcy for all Canada stocks is 10.47% lower than that of the firm.

Why did Warren Buffet sell Suncor?

While Buffett did couple the exit with a reduction of stake in U.S. energy as well, Suncor was the only major energy player he completely exited. The move most likely came as a response to improve Berkshire’s portfolio’s ESG profile. … Other than the factor that Suncor slashed its dividends, the company seems rock solid.

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Should I invest in Suncor?

Suncor operations

At the current oil price, Suncor holds the potential to generate strong margins and profits. The Q1 2021 results gave investors a good indication of how big an impact the jump in oil prices has on cash flow. While a strong Q2 2021 report is expected, the results could actually surprise the upside.

What is Suncor’s dividend?

Dividend History for Suncor Energy, Inc. (su)

Ex-Div. Date Amount Rec. Date
9/2/2021 $0.21 9/3/2021
12/2/2020 $0.21 12/3/2020
9/3/2020 $0.21 9/4/2020
12/2/2019 $0.42 12/3/2019

Why did Warren Buffet sell JPM?

Buffett dumped the banks because he feared Berkshire was overexposed to the sector and could suffer if the pandemic worsened, he said at Berkshire’s recent shareholder meeting. “We overall didn’t want as much in banks as we had,” he said.

Which bank stocks did Warren Buffett sell?

Two of the bank stocks that Buffett looks like he sold too early are Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo. Goldman Sachs has hit new all-time highs and now trades for more than $400 per share. Buffett sold most of his stake in the investment bank when it traded between $138 and $250.