Best answer: Who is investing in Snowflake?

Who are the investors in Snowflake?

Top 10 Owners of Snowflake Inc.

Stockholder Stake Total value ($)
Altimeter Capital Management LP 8.43% 7,594,015,808
Morgan Stanley Investment Managem… 5.25% 4,735,051,430
The Vanguard Group, Inc. 3.72% 3,354,249,872
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (Investm… 2.07% 1,864,258,186

Does Warren Buffett Own Snowflake stock?

Berkshire took a private stake in Snowflake just prior to the company going public. This netted Buffett’s company more than 6.1 million shares, equating to a little over 2% of Snowflake’s outstanding share count.

What price did Warren Buffett buy Snowflake?

Buffett’s company shelled out $735 million to buy 6.1 million Snowflake shares at the $120 IPO price. The technology company’s stock price has soared almost 150% from that level, boosting the value of Berkshire’s stake to $1.8 billion —an almost $1.1 billion gain on its investment.

What did Warren Buffett buy?

Buffett’s biggest equity purchase of 2020, Verizon Communications (VZ), hasn’t been a winner so far. Berkshire held 158.8 million shares of the telecom company on March 31, and that stake now is worth about $8.8 billion with the stock at around $55.50. That’s below Berkshire’s cost of $59 a share.

Is Snowflake IPO overpriced?

Snowflake stock has more than doubled from its IPO price of $120 to about $250 currently, valuing the company at about $70 billion.

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Is snowflake making money?

Snowflake isn’t profitable, and the bottom line is only getting worse, but the stock market hasn’t really cared about profits any time recently. Growth has been all that matters. Snowflake booked a net loss of nearly $200 million in its latest quarter, and a net loss of over $500 million for the full fiscal year.

Does Snowflake make money?

Snowflake posted a Gross Profit Margin of 62% for the first six months of FY’21, with Operating Margins standing at -72%. Palantir’s Gross Margins stood at about 72% over the first six months of 2020, with Operating Margins coming in at about -35%.

Why did Snowflake stock go up?

The low supply of shares is no doubt a major reason the stock has rallied so much since its listing. With Snowflake stock up about 2x from its IPO price, it is very likely that employees and investors could cash out when the post IPO lockup period expires in March 2021, putting downward pressure on the stock.

Is Snowflake undervalued?

Snowflake’s Enterprise Base is Highly Underrated

The company grew its total customer base by 60% YoY from 3,117 to 4,990, and out of which the customers who contributed more than $1M in product revenue grew by 107% YoY to 116 customers.