About Me

I worked in the investment banking industry for almost 20 years mostly as a stockbroker (technically I was hired as what’s called ‘equity sales’ because the stockbroker is legally the securities house). I also had some experience in the portfolio management process, looking at Asian markets and spent considerable time analysing stocks and markets.

Between the experience in these two disciplines and the learnings from the extensive reading and research I’ve done on the performance of stock markets, I’ve been able to see through the noise, jargon and marketing that exists in the investing industry, one of the most lucrative around . I’ve been able to offer some of my thoughts through consulting services as well as on the shows I produce and host on radio with BFM 89.9, the business station.

I especially enjoyed the few years as a portfolio manager in a big local house but became ¬†uncomfortable with the ideology that fund houses were required to outperform which was driven by prediction which nobody can do with any degree of certainty consistently, especially not when KPIs were many times set according to picking winning stocks for the month or year. Maybe it’s not like that with the global houses but the policy reared its head in a major way often enough where I worked.

Performance is of course not a bad thing and is the juice that will help people achieve their goals and desires. But the edict to perform squeezed into a very short time frame is reduced to something akin to gambling, which, again, isn’t really wrong until it is couched in an aura of certainty and normalcy.

This space will be used to offer thoughts and learnings throughout the years. ¬†I do offer financial planning and advisory services but much of my thoughts will be freely available here. If you have questions about your personal financial planning, do write me at info@verylongrun.com and I’ll try my best to address them.

Julian Ng, CFP

July 2016